DJ Part Deux

Spoiler Alert: I’m going to totally destroy some current beliefs about tempo. In other words, some serious myth busting. One of the entrenched beliefs when it comes to tempo is the belief that your swing should match your personality. In other words, if you walk slow, talk slow, and you are generally laid back, you should have a slow, syrupy [...]

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To Lift or Not to Lift?

We’re talking the Left Heel (for a RH golfer). Got a reader who wrote in: "John Jr., I noticed in your long drive baskswing that you lift your lead heel. Should I lift my lead heel and if so, why?" Great Question! Here is my Clif’s note’s answer: For men: They should ABSOLUTELY lift the left heel. This will do [...]

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3 Traits to look for in a teacher/teaching system

I was recently listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast (highly recommend his podcast) and he was asked, “What should you look for when choosing a teacher? ” The answer was brilliant and I’ve applied it to golf and golf training ‘systems’. The first thing to look for is: Reliable/Repeatable results. This might go without saying but does the system produce [...]

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Congrats to Padraig Harrington!

Padraig shot -23 to win the Portugal Masters. He is a great golfer as well as great person, and it’s great to see him get his 15th win on the PGA Tour. Padraig’s tempo is a super fast 18/6 on full swings. Hope to see him qualify for the Masters in 2017!

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If Butch Could Gain 20 Yards, Why Not You?

How Butch Gained 20 Yards on Day 1 of the Tour Tempo VIP School Click here to read Butch's Testimonial Gaining clubhead speed and distance is tricky but it’s not complicated, there are really just a few ways to gain speed and yardage. I talk about them all the time, there are 4 ways to do it: [...]

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The Tour Tempo Model – Henrik Stenson

Big Congrats to the Big Swede for winning THE OPEN in style! Henrik Stenson is the Tour Tempo Model: His full swings are 18/6 and putting is 16/8. Do some math and you can see that he is back to impact before 99% of avg golfers get to the TOP of their swings. Also, he fits the 1:1 ratio as [...]

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You Asked, I Answer

Many of the questions/issues that we received from the readers had to do with short game. Getting more consistency from 50 yards and in and esp. with chipping. I wanted a simple yet powerful way to get results and I stumbled onto it recently when I was chipping. I was using the Tour Tempo Short Game tones and I happened [...]

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The (Tempo) Theory of Relativity

The (Tempo) Theory of Relativity How you can use my new Theory to hit the ball Farther! With all due respect to Albert Einstein, I’m going to give you my interpretation of the Theory of Relativity and how you can use it to increase your clubhead speed using tempo. Any measured phenomenon has no real meaning by itself. It only [...]

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