Question from a Tour Tempo Reader

So if my tempo (swing speed @ 24/8) is the same as some pro’s, that would suggest our club head speed and ergo our ball speed should be the same. Clearly not the case.. My ball speed is around 150 theirs is 175 or more. What gives with that?


You are using your brain, which is a good […]

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Training for Speed in the Golf Swing

I’ve been training for speed in the golf swing for pretty much my entire adult life (27 years). I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and I’m going to give you the best/fastest/most efficient way to train. But before I get to those, I want to talk about my philosophy for speed training. I’m hoping this will be your philosophy […]

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VIP Golf School Equals Serious Speed Increases

July 2017 VIP


“I thought you might like to know I am playing pretty good golf. I shot […]

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DJ Part Deux

Spoiler Alert: I’m going to totally destroy some current beliefs about tempo. In other words, some serious myth busting.

One of the entrenched beliefs when it comes to tempo is the belief that your swing should match your personality. In other words, if you walk slow, talk slow, and you are generally laid back, you should […]

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Golf Swing Tempo – You and Dustin Johnson

The Difference Between You and Dustin Johnson

I’m going to outline a few differences between you and Dustin Johnson. I’m not doing this to rub it in your face that Dustin has it all and you don’t. I’m doing it to make a point.

Dustin has/is:

– Paulina Gretzky – Wife (ergo Wayne is his Father in Law)
– 320+ yards (you might be […]


The golf world loves to talk about swing fundamentals, but there is one that they typically leave out. I believe it is to the detriment of most recreational golfers.

The concept of swing tempo to me is one of the most important pieces of any golfer’s development, and I want to share why I believe this is true.

Tour Tempo

A couple of […]

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To Lift or Not to Lift?


We’re talking the Left Heel (for a RH golfer). Got a reader who wrote in:

“John Jr., I noticed in your long drive baskswing that you lift your lead heel. Should I lift my lead heel and if so, why?”

Great Question! Here is my Clif’s note’s answer:

For men: They should ABSOLUTELY lift the […]

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