The Secret to making your Workouts Work

* Disclaimer -Do  not do any exercises without consulting a trainer or your Physician.

One of the problems with traditional workouts is that they don’t necessarily help a golfer and they can actually make things worse.  So, I’m giving you one of my secrets of training.  

That Secret is to do swings in between sets.  Obviously, I’m biased towards Tour Tempo products, mainly because they work, but also because they’re easy to use while you’re working out.  

I’m working on a machine called the Jammer to develop some explosive strength. Normally, I don’t prefer machines, but, as you can see, the machine is not doing any of the work and I’m pretty much in golf posture and also doing some unilateral moves (with rotation), so I think this is a great exercise.  
BUT, the key for me is what I do immediately after.  I grab the Tempo Stix and start to make backswings, then work on my Long Drive downswing.  Having mirrors is a huge plus.  I can see exactly what I’m doing, plus my muscles are fully engaged.  Later, when I go to the course, standing in golf posture seems like a piece of cake, I’ve got great power, and my swing training with the Tempo Stix has me hitting it solid and straight.

The Tempo Stix is the perfect ‘in between sets’ product to use in the gym.  You can work on plane, keeping the face square & also the downswing.  I also use the Speedball in between sets as you’ll see in some coming blogs.  

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