10 to 20

Link: 10 to 20

If we get Perry another 10 to 20 yards, look out Natalie Gulbis and the rest of the LPGA!  Perry is the prototypical female pro: hits it straight, decent short game, very flexible, but lacks strength & power.  That describes about 75% of the women out there and when these types start to hit it farther, they can really dominate.  Some, like Paula Creamer, can do it while still being short hitter.

So, what’s our Rx for Perry?  Her tempo was 26/8, so by getting to 24/8, she’s more athletic and reflexive and that’s already helped.  Also, she’s going to use the Speedball 3x a week and really focus on the Power Module and 1 arm swings.  Plus, we found she gained speed with the Step Drill, so that will be a staple in her workouts. 

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