The importance of launch and spin

If you looked at my entry yesterday, you can see the the launch #’s from the Euro Tour on the blue link.
What I find interesting is that John Daly didn’t have the most CHS or BS, but he had the longest carry @ 311.  BUT he had a perfect LA of 11.9 with fairly high spin.  Compare that to Chris Doak (same CHS and BS), but with a low launch angle only carried it 278.

The best #’s belong to Alvaro Quiros with great CHS and BS and perfect spin and LA.  His carry was 302, so either John was hitting downwind or maybe Alvaro hit a bit into the wind as those #’s will produce longer drives and carries.  (Alvaro’s ball will roll more as well with the better spin #)

The moral of the story is that you need to get to a good ball launch monitor like a Flightscope and get yourself ‘optimized’.  There is no one optimum LA or spin rate, it all depends on your Ball Speed (which is based on your CHS)

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