A Day in the Sun

I spent the day today having some fun.  I was working also, but it was mostly fun.  I did an event with Jason Eslinger and he was the one to hit and I just had to sit back and watch.  

It’s hard to do Jason justice, but the golfers that were in attendance today really got a feel, or should I say they got to see (definitely not feel) one of the best swings in Long Drive.  Jason was on a par 4, it was about 360 straight uphill into a cool breeze.  20 groups came thru and he hit the green for 15 of them.  The other 5 were either over the green or pin high.  It was ridiculous.

This video shows Jason trying to carry 400 yards over water while we were waiting for the green to clear…..

Jason came in the night before and I got some video and some Flightscope information and then we played 9 holes.  I was only about 20 to 30 yards behind him all day, so I was pretty excited about that!  

Jason is going to be joining us in the future for some of our golf schools and also will be wearing our logo.  Look for Jason to contend @ the REMAX WLDC in about one month.

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