Garrett Seeing Speed Gains

Link: Garrett Seeing Speed Gains

Garrett is playing on the Nationwide Tour this week:

Click on the link above.

He called me earlier in the week, he’s hitting the ball 10-20 yards farther and got up to 164 mph ball speed (avg on tour is about 166).  He was excited about that because when we first started he was about 157 mph,  he’s been working out, doing his speedball work and using Tour Tempo.  Also, he’s noticed that he’s more prepared and feels better during his rounds.

He’s hit it solid and straight all along, and now he is adding some speed.  The moral of the story is to be patient yet persistent in your speed training.  If you’re doing your Speedball workouts 2-3x weekly and using Tour Tempo, I promise you, it will come.

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