The 2 Most Powerful Athletes that ever lived (pound for pound)

I’ll give you a small analysis of 2 of the most powerful athletes that have ever lived (pound for pound) and how their  ’move’ can help you hit the ball farther.

Since the major leagues playoffs are in full force, I’ll start with the pitcher.
I’m not a pitching expert.  However, I know a powerful motion when I see one and Tim Lincecum of the Giants is the most powerful pitcher in the game today (pound for pound).

Check this video:

It’s super slomo, so click it up to the 22 sec mark and watch his left leg.  It’s like the energizer bunny because it keeps going and going and going.  It’s ridiculous, it almost points to…right field!  He’s got a full 90 Degrees of hip turn!!  huh?  The current thinking in sports is to restrict your hip turn for more power…..Well, the current thinking is way wrong and Tim Lincecum is right.  For those of you keeping the box score that’s:

Most powerful athletes – 1
Current Thinking – 0

Check this video:,28224,2023123,00.html

In the current issue of Golf Magazine, the other ‘most powerful athlete’ in the world (pound for pound) has nearly 60 degrees of hip turn at the top of his swing.  That’s more than the PGA Tour avg.  Jamie puts up 210+ ball speeds with ease.  Box Score:

Most powerful athletes – 2
Current Thinking – 0

I’m going to show you how you can use this ‘power move’ in your swing, but….you’ll have to tune in next time…….

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