iPhone Users Rejoice!

Check out this video from the iPhone 3GS shot @ 30 fps.  I’m hitting a full PW, carrying it about 180 or so.  (I would probably not swing this hard with a W on the course, just warming up on the range).  Anyway, if you’ve got the new iPhone, you can video yourself, take that home, count the frames and the use the Tour Tempo iPhone App.

You can pick your tempo based on your frame count.  My swing here is 21/7.  You should use the closest tempo to your swing.  For example, if your frame count is 26/8, you should try 24/8.

Also, now it is extremely easy for you to email me your swing and I can diagnose your tempo for you, plus drills that would help you.  You can do this thru the Tour Tempo Shop for just $29.95 and you receive a free Tour Tempo Tracks CD or Tour Tempo Tracks MP3 Download to match your diagnosed tempo.  Click here for more info:


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