Got the W

I just returned from Derby KS (outside Wichita) where I hit a ball 351 yards to win a REMAX World Long Drive Championship Local Qualifier.  The conditions were nice, a slight uphill to the grid and a slight hurt cross wind, not much roll.  I haven’t competed in a long time due to many circumstances, so it was fun on many levels.

I had the chance to play Flint Hills right after the LD event and if you haven’t heard of Flint Hills, it’s an amazing place.  Here is some video of me teeing off on the 16th hole. (I have a tendency to set up a little closed, especially when I do LD events and it carried over to this video)

It’s a 450+ par 4, I hit a 345 yd drive down the right side and you can see me trying to body english it back to the fairway.  The rough @ Flint is literally Major Championship thick and I didn’t want it to get out of the fairway.  Luckily for me, it stayed in the short grass.

It was a long day, warming up, competing, and then playing 18 holes and driving for 2 hours to get back to Lawrence.  The next morning I felt great and one of the reasons is because of my workout program and specifically foam rolling.  If you’re not foam rolling, I highly suggest it, especially after you play.

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