Tiger and Paddy swinging Fast

If you watched TW win #70 (unreal), then you witnessed some great tempo and some fast tempo in that final group. I had TW around 20/7 and Paddy around 18/7. Both exhibiting Tour Tempo. Some of you might say, “shouldn’t they be 21/7?” Well, if you remember correctly, we allow a 1 frame ‘variance’ due to many factors.

For example, Padraig’s backswing stops well short of parallel. If he went to parallel, it probably would be 21/7. But, 18/7 is fine especially with that length of backswing.

The other other observation I hope you made was how LITTLE time they take once they are over the golf ball. Paddy is super quick and Tiger is right behind him. I think this is where the avg. golfer really goes astray. They grab a club and then get up over the ball and start thinking. and waggling. and looking at the target. and thinking. and like this sentence, they just run on and on instead of hitting the dang thing! It’s unfortunate for Paddy that he was forced to play fast on the 2 most crucial shot of the round.

What I mean by this is not that he had to get up and hit, that’s no problem for him. What WAS the problem was not getting to take his time in analyzing the shot and the best way to play it.

I look for big things from Paddy and TW in the PGA Championship. My dark horse is the long hitting Alvaro Quiros from Spain. He’s probably the longest hitter in the field (maybe JB), and he has great tempo.

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