‘Johnny Drama’ needs Tour Tempo….DESPERATELY

For those of you that watch ENTOURAGE, you know that Johnny Drama is a hothead and full of well, let’s stay hot air.  Anyway, in the most recent episode, Drama & Vinny take on Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady in a round of golf.  As usual, Drama talks up a big game betting $1000 per hole.  As he gets to the first tee, the producers do a good job of leading the viewer on, to see if Drama is the real deal.

It’s very dramatic and they show Drama’s first swing in slow motion….err wait, that wasn’t slow motion, that was Drama’s real swing.  Holy Cow!  That was ridiculous.  I’m guessing a tempo of 55/14.  (Drama snap hooks it and starts to swear).

I could help Drama in less than 10 minutes.  I’d take him from slo-mo to normal mo and that alone would allow him to make a better athletic swing.  So, if you any of you know Drama personally, tell him a better golf game is not too far away.

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