World Golf Fitness Summit 2010

I just returned from the 2010 World Golf Fitness Summit in Orlando.  We launched the PowerTools club there to a huge success and sold out of product.  Our original product, the Speedball (aka the XLR8R) also saw much interest.  Peter Kostis stopped by the booth and got one and really liked the versatility of it and also the resistance it creates at impact.

Peter was one of the keynote speakers @ the WGFS and his presentation was excellent.  It was titled: the Evolution of the Golf Swing, and he talked about how the swing has changed over the year mainly due to equipment, courses and conditioning.  He said there are many ways to hit the ball, the main constant being that you must be able to turn.  Along those lines, his quote was, “There is no one swing, but everyone needs one swing”.  For teachers, he added that if you teach, you must always be learning and it is better to underteach than overteach.  I completely agree with all of this as the main problem I see with golfers is lack of the ability to turn.  Also, I don’t think golfers have that ‘one swing’ and you need to own YOUR swing.  Finally, I think too many teachers stop learning and have a tendency to overteach.

Speaking of owning one swing…..Tiger’s teacher was there, Sean Foley.  Sean talked about the team concept as Hunter Mahan’s coach.  He stopped by the booth and was very interested in the Tour Tempo book.  He is a really nice guy.  He was quite the philosopher quoting Socrates, Plato, and others.  

More to come from WGFS 2010, including my training with one of the top strength coaches in the world, Al Vermeil, plus reports from other speakers such as Mark Verstegen, the Stack & Tilt guys, and more!

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