All eyes on Tiger…..Garrett off to fast start @ Nationwide

Tiger’s tempo is looking good and if he keeps that up I don’t think anyone can beat him….except, maybe Alvaro Quiros the long hitting spaniard has great tempo and is the longest hitter in the field.

Garrett eagled is first hole and now has it 4 under.  He told me he make a little change in his putting set up and it really must be helping.

What is the big difference between the average golfer and the pros like Tiger, Alvaro, Garett, etc…?  There are many differences, but one big (besides the obvious TEMPO) is that they prepare for their rounds of golf and the avg. golfers does not.  It’s gotten to the point for me personally, that if I don’t have time to warm up before I play, I won’t play.

More on the warm up in future blogs, you have to create or re-create a feel for that day!

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