The Tour Pro Mindset (part I)

I learned a lot last week caddying for Garrett @ the Nationwide Event. For starters, these guys are good. I mean real good. The first 9 holes they did not miss a shot, all 3 guys in our group were 2-4 under par.

They all 3 made the cut and 2 of them were in contention. These guys also think differently. When they get up to hit the ball, they’re not thinking technique, they’re focused on a target and a ‘feel’ for their swing to get it to that target. I think the avg. golfer gets up with about 5-10 thoughts, then looks out at the hole thinking, ok let’s get in the fairway.

Conversely the tour pro, creates a feel with his practice motion (not a full swing), then picks out a target and has a visual of the ball going to the target and a feel of the swing to get him there. Once he actually pulls the trigger, all thoughts are pretty much gone. The caddies don’t say things like ‘hit it straight’ or ‘knock it in’. They use other cues. (part II coming soon)

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