The Tour Pro Mindset (part II)

One of the caddies in our group would tell the player, ‘pick a target’ or ‘commit to your line’.  They would also discuss the yardages and the ‘net’ yardage, meaning what will this shot play like?  Garrett would do both of these on his own and verbalize it to me.  For example.  On one rare occasion he missed the fairway, he came up with following:

‘I’ve got 145 yards to the pin.  3 yards behind the pin, 2 in front to the water.  It’s into the wind & uphill – play 155, I’ve got a sidehill lie in the rough, so that is adding another 5.  I don’t want to swing hard, so 165 total.  I need to hit a pull draw off this law, so I’m really going to stay on top of this.  I’m going to aim at right at the trash can (about 10 feet right of the pin).’

From there he proceeded to hit that exact shot pin high about 8 feet.

I think the avg. golfer would’ve gone up said to himself ‘let’s knock this on the green’ and then proceed to take a hard swing with his 150 club, come off balance because of the lie and the ball would end up in the water.

The important thing here is to turn OFF the left brain once you commit to your shot/line/distance.

part III coming soon…..

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