Barclays’ Tempos

Part III to the Tour Tempo mindset is coming tomorrow, wanted to share with you an email I received:


Hey John, Can you check out paul goydos’ tempo? I had him at 17-9, very weird, kind of does short game tempo on every shot. would be a cool blog post. Tiger’s backswing is getting a little fast (18-7, one handed hook driver) Steve Marino looks money at 24-8 (ol’ school tempo), he has to be the TT friday pic.

Thanks Brendon I didn’t get to double check these tempo’s, but I assume they are correct and I’ve got a couple of observations: Paul Goydos is unique in about every way. For a golf pro: He has terrible posture (in golf swing or not). He hits it no where. No one would recognize him in a public place.

His swing is weird……BUT the guy can FLAT OUT PLAY. He is one of those guys that fits into the category of slow downswing equals slow CHS. If you notice, he decels so much, he doesn’t have much left over for his finish and never truly does get to a full finish. The main tempo observation here is that it is that 2:1 is better than 4:1.

Tiger’s tempo this year has been all over the map… has he. He is hitting it everywhere. It’s pretty unreal where he hits it and what he shoots. When his tempo is off with the driver he hits over 50 yds off line. That is crazy wild for a tour pro. Tiger has got to get his tempo together if he wants to win big in the majors again. His tempo looks perfect when he hits his 3 wood and doesn’t try to kill it.

Steve Marino is a little more ol school with a slower swing, but it is 24/8 and looks very smooth.

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