The Tour Pro Mindset (part III)

So, you’ve been in left brain mode and you’ve picked everything out.  Now, you need to switch to the right brain and shut the thinking down.

One of the keys to doing this is to have a feel for your tempo.  A focus on your tempo. The only way to do this is to train with Tour Tempo.

The second key is to drop the judging of the shot or the swing.  I was recently talking to my good buddy Johan of the Swedish PGA and one of the mindsets the Swedes have developed is to focus on your commitment to the shot.

Then, regardless of where the shot goes, how it was swung/struck, evaluate yourself on how you concentrated and focused on what you were trying to do.

This is not easy to do.  We are all so caught up in where the ball goes, how we swung and what we shoot.  We have to drop those outer directed foci and turn inward.

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