Women’s Golf WILL change….

I spent some time at the US Open (tennis) in NYC and was amazed at the athleticism and power of the female players.  The video you see is a top junior female tennis player from Russia.   I’m not a tennis expert, but I’ve seen footage of tennis matches from the 70’s and back then there was pretty much no power especially in the women’s game.  Fast forward to 2009 and these women are ferocious, especially in the ground strokes.  It’s almost not even the same sport for the ground strokes.

Compare that with women’s golf in 2009.  If you look @ video of women’s golf in the 70’s the swings are pretty much the same.  The women today don’t really hit it all that much further (especially when you consider the advances in technology).   What’s the deal here?  Women’s Tennis is super powered.  Women’s golf is….not.

Luckily for the Koreans, the powers that be in Russia (& the surrounding countries) decided to get their girls into tennis instead of golf.  They trained all these Russian women to hit hard and develop power.  The Koreans and pretty much most of the LPGA tour haven’t developed any power and play a finesse game.  I believe all this will change just as it did in men’s golf (as well as men’s & women’s tennis).  The question is…..When?  and maybe more importantly…How?

More to come on this subject and how to develop power.

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