Part II

Why are women golfers so ‘weak’ and women tennis players so strong?

It always comes back to SAID.  Your body can only respond to the training you give it.  If you only worked with a tennis player on swing plane, positions, and perfect set ups, then their bodies would give you great plane, good positions and perfect stances….but NO POWER.  I think that is what has happened to women’s golf.

Men work on similar things, but men (generalizing here) grow up with more athletic movements such as throwing a ball and hitting a baseball and these require powerful coordination of the human body.  The body responds.  Women Golfers don’t get that and they end up with ‘pretty’ swings, and great short games, but no power.

When I look at a golfer’s swing, the #1 question I ask is “Is this swing athletic?”  ”Is it creating power?”  If those answers are NO, then until we develop that athletic move, I don’t worry about anything else.  The results always show.

Here comes the shameless plug, because the Tour Tempo Micro Player and the Speedball help you create that athletic, reflexive movement.  They allow you to be powerful and free you up to use your body.

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