The V-Factor

In this month’s Golf Digest, Jim McLean once again uses the alphabet to describe a phenomenon he sees in the swing. He started with the x-factor, then the y, now he has the V factor. For those of you that don’t read Golf D, here is a picture of me and a brief description. The V factor is the difference in the angle formed between your lead arm (left arm for rh golfer) and the shaft WHEN the lead arm is parallel to the ground on the backswing vs. the downswing.

Here you can see my V factor is over 90 degrees. Jim shows that shorter hitters have small V factors and longer hitters have large V factors, with Bubba Watson have over 90 degrees. I’ve received some emails from you asking what I think of this concept……I agree that the V factor happens and you’d probably see very small V factors in avg. golfers.

My concern is that most golfers don’t ever set their wrists going back and this concept could make that worse. The reality is that it doesn’t really matter what your angle is going back, what’s important is the angle coming down. The V factor is really just another way of saying, “You need lag to hit far (unless your Jason Zuback, but that’s another blog)” So now the question becomes, “how do I create lag on the DOWNSWING?” My answer, “NOT by hitting balls”.

More to come on this subject……

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