Creating Lag                    

Step 1

It helps if you have an angle already set.  For the avg golfer this is why I think the V Factor is shaky.  If you try to have a wide backswing (no angle) and then you can’t create an angle you’re really screwed.  Notice both golfers have a decent set.

Step 2

The downswing must start below the shoulders.  Look at these pictures.  One is of one of an avg golfer and one is a tour pro.  They are similar at the first part of the V Factor.  The tour pro starts the downswing with his hips, the other starts the downswing with his hands arms and shoulders.  This is what separates the Men from the boys.  I’ve circled the hips, look how dynamic the pro is while the am’s hips/lower body haven’t really done anything.   This is the result of starting the backswing with the upper body.

The amateur actually has a negative V factor and the tour pro has about 35 degrees of V.    However, I didn’t teach my amateur to get more V by working on his backswing.  We worked on getting a better sequence and that is what has helped him create lag.

Advanced steps coming later……

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