2 winners, 1 tempo! What’s the secret they both share??

24/8 seemed to be the tempo of choice from the WCG event at Doral.

Winner Patrick Reed was 25/8.
Donaldson was 26/8.
Bubba was 24/8.

also, the other winner at 24/8 last week was Chesson Hadley.

The quick swinging Jason Dufner was 18/6….he gets to impact as those 4 guys get to the top of the swing.  Tiger’s tempo is actually looking good at 21/7, so he just obviously needs to get healthy.

These tour pro’s all exhibit ‘Tour Tempo’.  They swing relatively fast, have a backswing to downswing ratio of 3:1 and they are consistent.

On the short game side of things, the tempo is actually 2:1 and Patrick Reed was right on with bunker shots at 20/10 and putts with 13/6.

So, 3:1 on full swings and 2:1 on short game.  Also, you have to be consistent.

Which tempo is right for you and how can you get consistent?

Tour Tempo has the answer with it’s new Micro Player.  It lets you choose between the different tempos and also between long game and short game.  It gives you a series of tones that lets you literally hear your way to better golf.  Tour Tempo is the perfect way to start 2014 off with the right tempo for your game.

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