Know Thyself (how Garrett won in Texas)

One of the keys to golf (and life) is to know yourself.  This was apparent with Garrett Willis when he won last week in Texas to secure his PGA Tour Card for 2010.

He told me that his focus for the day was to take his time.  Walk slow.  Don’t be in a rush.  Why was this key for him?  Because he is one of the fastest players/thinkers you’ll ever meet and he knows himself.  He knows the last thing he wants coming down the stretch is to be waiting on every shot.  As he put it, “standing there, tapping my foot, waiting for the guy in front of me”.

SO, he took his sweet time and he didn’t have to wait and that was one less thing for him to worry about.  Plus when you’re in the final group, there is pretty much no where to go, so why not take your time.

Once you know yourself (and your objective about it) you can create a plan of action for the best results.

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