Training at Home with Tour Tempo

The golf season should be in full swing but golf course closures and quarantine mandates have altered our reality. But this pause also creates an opportunity: improving your tempo and increasing your club head speed through focused at-home training.

We are introducing 2 product and services specials coupled with 5 training videos that will help you make the most of your time at home. So, when you finally tee it up… you will be ready to play.


Video #1 – Creating more lag in your Swing… which gives you more CHS. The Power Whip lets you feel and create more angle in your swing aka lag and this gives you power. Here is a drill you can do to work on that.

Video #2 – Compress the ball – a secondary function of the Power Whip is to let you feel/create proper wrist alignments at impact for better contact aka compressing the ball.

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Home Training Tempo

Video #3 – How to react to the first tone (trigger)

Video #4 – Eyes closed backswings (first 2 tones)

Home Training Speed

Video #5 – A simple band can show you how to load your swing and use the ground.


Online Tempo and Speed Coaching – Standard Price – $99, Now $49 (offer valid until April 10th)

The quickest way to more yards and better golf: better tempo. With the online Tempo coaching, I analyze your tempo and give you drills and tips on how to train it for more speed and consistency.

But wait… there’s more.

I’ll also take a look at where you could improve your technique for more Speed. Specifically how you:

– load the backswing
– clubhead lag
– use the ground

I’ll give you drills and exercises you can do to improve and increase your speed.

Send me your swing with a driver (Face On and Down the Line) plus let me know what training aids you use. I’ll create a special report for you so you can get started and do everything at home.

Add Online Tempo and Speed Coaching to Cart - $49

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Stay healthy and good luck with your training!