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Neale Smith, Craig Davies and Sean Foley are the mental, physical and golf coaches for Hunter Mahan.  They spoke about how they team together to help Hunter Mahan.  Neale Smith gave a great little talk about mindset on the golf course.

He was caddying for Hunter in a 36 hole US Open Qualifier and Hunter had just shot over par and had a bad attitude all day long.  So Neale told Hunter, “this mindset is not working, if you want me to caddy another 18, here is what you are going to do:

When you hit a good shot, you’re going to give me a fist pump and say YES!

When you hit a bad shot, you’re going to have no reaction whatsoever.”

Hunter reluctantly agreed.  They went to the tee to start the 2nd round and Hunter hit his tee shot down the middle of the fairway.  He looked back at Neale and did a very sarcastic/soft YES and a wimpy fist pump.  He kept up this attitude all day long and when he drained a long putt on the last hole, he shouted YES with an enthusiastic fist pump to shoot 63 and qualify. 

I think this is a great mindset and I talked to Johan Hampf of the PGA of Sweden just a few weeks before about mindsets on the golf course and Johan prescribed something very similar.  In my next blog, I’ll discuss that conversation with Johan and why this mindset works.

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