Up and Down

I’m getting a few questions about the Up position and the Down position.

When using the Speedball do your general speed training in the Up position.  This includes speedwork, 1 arm swings, drill swings, etc…Play the target just like you would with a real ball, for ex., a driver up in your stance and an iron more in the middle.

When using the Speedball for specific training such as wedges, use the down position.  The down position is shown above and really forces you to swing more down thru the hitting area, very similar to hitting an iron.  The down position is also great to use before you play golf.  You’ll want to play the target slightly back in your stance.  Also, you can ‘close’ your face a little and then really try to bow your left wrist thru the hitting area.  This will help you stick it in the down position.

I’ve photoshop’d red circles on a good place for you to impact the targets.

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