Open letter to Sir Charles

Charles, it’s not your fault!  (well 90% not your fault) You’ve been a victim of conventional teaching methods and since you are a celebrity everyone knows about your golf game or lack thereof…..I think it’s great you’re taking time off, the longer you stay away from a golf ball the better, that is the only way you’ll ever improve.

Because every time you swing a club and hit a ball with that um swing, you’re just grooving the wrong motor pattern and at this point it’s rock solid.  If you ever want to play again and truly want to change, come see us @ TOUR TEMPO and I’ll put you on the ‘exactly the opposite program’.

In other words, you won’t hit balls, you won’t think mechanical thoughts and you won’t do anything a conventional program would normally entail.  Within a few weeks, you’ll have a new feel, and within a few months you’ll have a new swing that will work in front of a golf ball.

If you’re done with golf, I totally understand, but if not PLEASE contact us!

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