Please! No (full) Practice Swings

Link: Please! No (full) Practice Swings

Part I

We all know the many differences between pro’s and amateurs: tempo, distance, short games, million dollar bank accounts…..the list goes on and on, but did you know another big difference is the way the pro’s do their practice swings?

The avg. golfer will tee up his ball and then step back and take a full 100% simulation swing of what he thinks he wants to do.  You’ll even hear a ‘swish’ to the club going thru the air.  If he hits the ground to hard, he’ll take another, if not, he’ll think he’s ready.

Contrast that with the greatest players in the world.  They’ll take some swings to find a rhythm and move their body.  They might even rehearse a mechanical move…..but, that’s it.  Then they step up to the ball and put the 100% swing.

One of the best examples of this is Tiger Woods.  He takes about 3-5 swings that are about 3/4 back and thru and swung in slow motion.  He’s preparing his body.   This concept is even found it’s way into baseball.

NEW YORK — Hideki Matsui has the most curious habit at the plate. He never takes a practice swing once he steps into the batter’s box.

He saves all those meaty cuts for when he needs them.

HIdeki knows that practice swings suck up energy, also if you swing hard enough on a practice swing, you could hurt yourself.

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