Last entry, we took a look at Flightscope #’s from a Euro PGA event.

Now, let’s take a look at the Trackman #’s from the 2009 REMAX WLDC 
Finals. These are the big kids, both figuratively and literally. 
(Except for Jamie Sadlowski, who isn’t that big of a guy)

These LDers are amazing, and if you look at this report, you can see 
that Jamie is in a league of his own. All of his drives are over 210 
mph (Ball speed) and he gets up to a mind boggling 217. No other 
LDer is even close to Jamie in ball speed and consistency. What 
makes this ridiculous is that Jamie is just under 6 feet tall and 
around 165 lbs. What the hell?

More to come on these #’s as I believe they are the first step in 
improving your CHS/Ball Speed and hitting the ball farther.

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