The YES mindset (part II of the Hunter Mahan blog)

I had called Johan earlier in the year to get his advice on a mindset for the golf course.  We talked about the usual things: process, focus, etc….(which is one reason he likes Tour Tempo because it gets you to focus among many other things)

Anyway, we then talked about the better player and expectations.  As you get to a higher level in golf you tend to expect every shot to be perfect.  Solid contact, correct ball flight, & correct distance are just a few of the things that you think are normal.  So, when you hit a near perfect shot, instead of being thrilled, happy or even satisfied you just think that’s the way it should be…conversely, when you hit a bad shot or even a good shot (that’s not perfect), you tend to have quite a reaction to it.

Well, there are 2 problems with this mindset.  One is that you’re in a judgmental state.  Two is that you’re telling your body to remember the bad shots by attaching a large emotional investment to the bad shot.  Your body/mind don’t know the difference between good/bad shots, so when you attach your emotions to the ‘bad’ shots, you’re telling your system to remember that one, that was IMPORTANT.  If anything, you should attach your emotions to the good shots to tell your body to put those in the memory bank.  I realized that I had fallen into this trap. If I didn’t hit 350 down the middle, then I’d have that reaction.  Then when I did hit one perfect, I didn’t have any reaction.

I’ve just laid out one of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2011 Golf.  The next to come is what you should be doing in this off season.

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