The JR factor

If you’re a long time reader, this may be old news, but I think it needs to be revisited in light of the recent ball launch blogs. You’ve heard of the Smash factor (ball speed divided by chs). How about the junior factor?

The junior factor is: Ball speed/bodyweight (in lbs) for example, the avg tour pro has a ball speed around 165 and weighs about 190 lbs. His JR factor is a respectable .87. The avg LDer is about 200/220 or .90. Tiger Woods is about 185/185, so he’s pretty good @ 1.0. My ball speed is in the 190’s and I weigh around 170, so mine is somewhere north of 1.12.

Sadlowski is 215/165 or 1.3! That is nearly 40-50% better than the avg. LDer and 30% better than Tiger. So, when you sit down for Thanksgiving and gain a few LB’s, you need to get out the Speedball on Tour Tempo on Friday to work on your JR factor!

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