Garrett Willis’ 2 towel solution

I had the opportunity to caddy for Garrett when the Nationwide tour 
came to Overland Park, KS. It was quite an experience to see how 
good these guys are and I learned a lot. Here is a little secret 
used by some of the tour pros that really makes a difference. I call 
it the 2 towel solution:

Towel 1: Get half the towel nice and wet and the other side dry. 
This will be used to wipe off dirty clubs and then dry them. This 
is probably something you already do.

Towel 2: Get 1/3 the towel ‘moistened’ and the other 2/3 dry. Before 
each shot, wipe the moistened side on the grip and then go over it 
once (vigorously) with the dry end. There should be just a little 
moisture in the grip and when you take your grip, you’ll be amazed at 
how good it feels. It’s nice and tacky, but not too tacky. It feels 
amazing. Garrett does this before every shot when he plays.

I’ve started to use the #2 towel and I’m addicted to it. Not only 
does it feel better but it really gives you a heightened sense of the 
club. Furthermore, you don’t have to grip it as hard, so your not as 
tense. Finally, it makes you feel like this shot is ‘important’, not 
in a pressure like way, but more of a manner of ‘I feel good about 
this shot’.

Try the 2 towels and I’ll bet you’ll see some lower scores (or at 
least feel good about holding the club anyway!)

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