The Need for Speed 2010

Speed Tips: Do they work?
The goal for 2010 is more speed, and one way to get more speed is to follow all the speed tips out there, right?  Well, let’s see…..

Let’s take a look @ some of the speed tips out there and see if they work.

I’m going to use the following formula –

1. Lay out the Tip

2. Talk about the reality/facts/physics/evidence

3. Give you the Kernel of Truth

4. Provide a drill or thought to give you the ‘right’ idea.

For example, let’s take the Tip –

1. ‘keep your head still’

2. The reality is that all great players move their head during the swing

3. Kernel of Truth – Excessive head movement can cause some bad shots, so that might be where it came from

4. Take a few swings back and forth and monitor your head movement.  That’s pretty simple, but just by becoming aware of it, it will help you.

For the next tip, I’m going to diagnose ‘Accelerate your arms’…….

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