MED part 2

When we last left off, I was headed to Orlando for the PGA show and the VIP 1 day school.  I was discussing MED and measuring.  

How do those apply to the 1 day?  Well, we keep it somewhat short from 9 am to 2 pm.  We found that if you go any longer than that, everyone is worn out and the focus is gone (plus everyone starts getting sore).  Also, we try to make sure that the golfer is not just hitting balls, so we really focus on a feel for each swing.  That’s the MED.

We start by measuring CHS and ball speed.  Steve’s CHS was around 91-95 mph on the driver.  He emailed me and his last 5 swings were 95-98 mph.  He also said he was hitting the ball 15+ yards farther.  Now those are measurable results!  And he did it in less than a week.  The key here is that we measured in the beginning and he has his own SSR device so he can constantly monitor his progress.  Why measure?  The best reason is that it gives you the feedback you need so you know if you’re headed in the right direction.  All other sports/businesses/professions use measuring devices/vehicles to track success and you should to.  

The other important thing to measure is……TEMPO.  By measuring tempo in the form of Tour Tempo you can really see if your tempo is on track and also if it is consistent.  So, measuring is good.

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