Anna, please call me!

Link: Anna, please call me!

Just as I was about to start my earth shattering blog on the tip ‘Accelerate the Arms’, I read an article by Anna Rawson in the latest Golf Digest.  Anna is one of the few LPGA tour players who is also a model.  Anyway, guess what her first tip is??  Keep your head still.  What the hell?

She says if you look at the best players in the world, their head movement is quiet.  Um…Have you checked Tiger’s swing lately?  His head is not quiet.  He is THE best player in the world. His head has always moved.

Ok, I agree you can’t have crazy head movement a la CBarkley, but I think telling people to keep their head still will really restrict movement in the swing and this will only make things worse.  Add to this the fact that most people have stiff necks and all you’ll get is a weak arm swing.

Everything comes full circle, because this just brings me back to one of my original ideas on the swing: get rid of the golf ball and learn to swing.  Now, how do we do that?  (the short answer is to get out your speedball and start sticking the target)  Instead of telling CB to KYS, which won’t work, how about we get him to forget about a ball and start swinging.  That would be the first key to his improvement.

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