So much to Blog about so little time……

Dear Reader,

I’ve literally been on a world tour.  I’ve just returned from Amsterdam where I presented the concepts of Tour Tempo to the PGA of Holland.  Some of the other presenters included Mike and Andy from Stack & Tilt.  Anyway, it was a great teaching conference and Tour Tempo was well received with the PGA members.  I had many great questions and comments that I’ll bring up in upcoming blogs.

Here is a great side story while I was there.  If you want to play golf in Holland, you have to get a ‘license’.  You can’t just show up and play.  You must prove you can hit 5 balls over 200 yards within a certain grid (for a man) and also shoot 7 over par or less for three holes.  Sounds crazy, but it makes some sense and beginning golfers take a lot of lessons.  

No worldwide trips for awhile, so I’ll be back to regular blogging and there’s plenty to talk about from this trip and also the emergence of the super athlete on tour (Dustin Johnson, Gary Woodland, etc….)

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