Pictured with Lynn Marriott @ WFGS 2008.  Lynn is one of the co-creators of VISION54.


I recently had the good fortune to sit in on a VISION 54 seminar.  VISION54 is a unique, fresh way of looking @ golf and how we practice.  What really hit home with me was their concept of Attention & Intention.  When you go to the range, what is your intention?  Are you there to improve?  If so, where will your Attention be?  Most golfers just go & beat balls.  Not only is this worthless, according to V54 it is probably detrimental.  The reason is that you’re teaching yourself to hit golf shots without focus, without preparation, without any foresight, etc…and this is the exact opposite of a round of golf.  You’re training the wrong thing.  

So, here’s where Tour Tempo can be so powerful as part of the V54 mindset. You go to the range with the intention of improving your swing and/or your tempo.  With Tour Tempo, your ATTENTION is on the TONES.  Every time you swing, you ARE focused, your are mentally prepared and you are concentrating in the PRESENT MOMENT.  You are PRESENT.  Tour Tempo demands that you be there mentally.  To V54 and most golf psychologists, tHis is a must if you want to perform.

Tour Tempo gives you the right tempo, but it also gives you the right mindset, it gives you a taste of what it’s like to be focused with attention.   This is why we see dramatic & incredible results with golfers.  

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