You can’t believe what you read!!

When I first heard from someone that current world long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski had a shoulder turn of 166 degrees, I just laughed and tried to explain to him what a 90 degree shoulder turn would look like and then 180 is where your shoulders would face the ball.  I told him ‘I don’t think so’……

Then, this article came out in a recent edition of Golf Digest:

He said, see, ‘I told you so’.  I beg to differ and I’m using my own 2 eyes and and my own common sense.  (plus some help from data from TPI & SSC golf)

Not only is the shoulder turn # way off, so is the hip turn and the x factor.  To add insult to my intelligence the other #’s are way off as well (for PGA tour and for the avg golfer).  The only thing correct on that chart is the clubhead speed and carry distances.  

If you take a look at some video of Jamie, you’ll  see he has somewhere between 110-120 degrees of shoulder turn and he’s in the neighborhood of 60 degrees of hip turn. This takes his x-factor from the stupid # of 117 degrees to somewhere around 60. Don’t get me wrong, these #’s are still phenomenal and 60 degrees of x-factor is way more than a PGA tour pro.  

One more point here, they’re also using the wrong terminology.   They’re calling using the term x-factor stretch when they should be using the term x-factor.   ‘x-factor’ is the difference between shoulder turn/hip turn at the top of the swing.  ’x-factor stretch’ is a term used to describe the increase in x-factor on the downswing.   So let’s do some math here.  If your hip turn is 50 and your shoulder turn is 100, then your x-factor is 50.   On the downswing let’s say your hips turn 5 degrees (to 45) before your shoulder start the downswing.  Then your x-factor stretch is 5.  In a comprehensive study done by AMM3D (for you research types see:  )   they actually found that the big difference between tour pros and amateurs was not x-factor but x-factor stretch.  Their research indicated that the avg. golfer could turn ok, they just didn’t know how to create power out of the turn and that’s what this Golf Digest article is totally missing!!  One way to get more x-factor stretch is to use the STEP DRILL.

The bad part of all this is that the general public will read this article and think the only way to more power is to have this crazy x factor.  You don’t have to ruin your back to play better golf.  Power can be generated from so many other sources. 

That’s why I’m here.  To tell you the truth and more importantly to help you find these power sources so you can start to crush like Jamie! 

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