Tiger Woods looks like he’s swinging well, but the numbers tell a different story

By John Garrity, Contributing Writer, Sports Illustrated
Published: April 09, 2010

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Tiger is back, he’s high on the second-round leader board at the Masters, and it looks like he’s swinging great. I repeat, it looks like he’s swinging great.

I pull out the iPhone. Tap “Favorites.” Tap “John Novosel.”

He answers on the first ring. “Hey, what’s happening?”

He sounds far off. Leawood, Kansas., if I had to guess.

“Tell me about Tiger,” I reply. “How’s he swinging?”

“Well, his approach on the eighth yesterday, he had 244 to the hole and he put it to about eight feet. It was a 20/6. That’s pretty close. Maybe one frame off on the downswing.”

John’s in his attic studio, a cluttered redoubt of computer gear, TV monitors, recordable disks and dog toys. I visited his workspace many times when we were co-authoring Tour Tempo: Golf’s Last Secret Finally Revealed, which recently went into its 11th printing.

“On the thirteenth tee,” John continues, “Tiger hit hit a little draw around the corner, turned out perfect. He was 19/6.”

Nineteen? With a fairway metal? And then I’m thinking, He’s not the Tiger of old.

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