Into the Real World

I finally took my 5 months of indoor training to the real world: the outdoors, with a real club and ball.  I set up the FlightScope, got out all of my toys and hit some drives.  My clubhead speed was good: in the low to mid 130’s on the Flightscope, but my ball speeds weren’t so good.  I’m not worried, I haven’t hit a ball hard for almost 6 months, so I’ve got time to work on hitting it solid and straight. I did some training at the end with my dad’s new invention and went out hit the ball well on the course, so that was also promising.  

I followed my own advice for my first time back: get nice and warmed up, don’t hit balls for more than an hour, and about 9 holes to start.  I’m a little sore today, but feeling good.  

I’ve got some great video coming soon and also some exciting news about a new certification I just achieved.

The “mad scientist Jr’s” hitting bay The "mad scientist Jr's" hitting bay

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