Lose the Weight Part Deux

I’ve received quite a few responses to the last youtube video I posted.

Here is the latest one:  

Fascinating stuff. This bears out something that happened to me a few months ago at the range. I was trying to alternate between swinging a weighted club then switching to driver in the same way as on the video thinking the relative lightness would increase clubhead speed. I found I couldn’t make a solid contact, my timing was all out of synch and consequently distance & accuracy poor. Of course this was before I’d got my copy of Tour Tempo 😉 Would you, though, advocate swinging a weighted club as part of a regime to build up/stretch “golf muscles”? 

And here is my response:  

I’ve seen similar results with nearly all golfers and Dave got the same results in the video.  So, NO heavy clubs before playing.  

I’ve also been asked about light clubs and I say NO to those as well for similar reasons.  
When warming up to play, you need a total body warm up and the only trainer(s) I’ll use is Tour Tempo and/or my Speedball.  This is the exact warm up that I worked with Garrett Willis (last year on Nationwide/this year on PGA Tour) and his response has been overwhelmingly positive.  You can cut down your warm up time, prevent injury and play better.  

Now, on to the question of swinging a weighted club as ‘part of a regime to build up/stretch “golf muscles”’. 

I don’t like the swinging of a weighted club.  It puts too much stress on the joints and over time I think it will cause problems.  Also, if you swing it, it totally shuts down your muscles on the downswing as the momentum takes over.  I think you can use it to do forearm exercises and also if you’re a ‘position’ guy then you can use it in front of a mirror to get into positions.  

For your ‘regime’, I’ve got some great ideas, but that is a complete 5 part blog, so I’ll have to tackle that soon.

Drop the weight and pick up the tempo and your warm ups will start to train you the right way. 

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