6 feet & 165 lbs. and hitting it 432?!!

photo courtesy LDA

photo courtesy LDA http://www.longdrivers.com/news.php

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Junior, you finally hit the big time and you’re hitting it 432?!”….

No, that’s not me that’s under 170 and bombing it.  It’s LD phenom Jamie Sadlowski.

Are you kidding me?  Under 170 LB’s and consistently hitting it over 4 bills?  Wow!

At the recent LDA Texas Shootout, Jamie hit 6 balls all in the grid in the finals and all over 415 yds.  Witnesses told me that there was no wind, but the grid was hard and fast and slightly downhill at the 370 mark.  

I recently got certified with SSC Golf and we really studied Jamie’s swing and where he gets his power.  It’s not from where everyone says it is.   Oh sure, he’s got lag and that’s a power source.  But he does so many other special things that very few golfers do….Tiger used to do it back in 2008.  He’s not doing it now.

Anyway, I digress, the last point I wanted to make is that Jamie’s swing has another great feature: Tour Tempo.  He’s around 21/7 and has great tempo time after time.

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