How to Improve Part II

Trying to improve your swing while hitting balls it a little like trying to improve your weightlifting technique on a ‘max’ rep.  It ain’t gonna happen because your body has one goal in mind: move the weight.  (in golf, it’s hit the ball)  So what do weightlifters/powerlifters do to improve technique?  They use lighter weights so that is NOT the focus.  They have to focus on their timing and how they move their body.  They can’t be distracted by the heavy weight.  We must do the same in golf.

What’s the equivalent of lighter weight?  Get rid of the golf ball!  Use training aids that do what you want them to do (most training aids have a tendency to do the opposite of what they say they’ll do) and focus entirely on the movement.  Because there is NO ball, you should be able to do this.  Use feedback tools such as mirrors and video.  Mirrors and video can only tell the truth and won’t judge you.  Let go of judgments.   No ball is in play, so let’s check our ego’s at the door and give our bodies a break.  If you’ve been flipping/winging for years (and let’s face it, that’s pretty much 75% of the golfing population) then you might not be able to stop doing it in one practice session….but with effort and practice and NO balls, you’ll see and feel the new move and start to groove it.

Once you’ve grooved the new move ‘without the heavy weight’, you can now start to add some weight.  Try a wedge with a real ball and your new move.  DON’T worry about the ball.

Part III coming next week

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