Part III Plus Coming Attractions

Part of the joy of golf is hitting the ball.  I get that.  So, I understand you want to get back to the ball.

Make your changes away from the ball and then get that same feel while you’re actually hitting the ball.  Don’t worry if your first few shots aren’t what you want, you’re developing a new motor pattern and sometimes it takes time to get that to translate to the ball.

If you have a tournament coming up, then ‘you gotta dance with who you brung’.  Meaning, if you’re slicing then play it.   Try to make these changes/improvements to your game when you don’t have tournaments.

Coming Blogs: Wow, I’ve got some great stuff coming up including a new training club from Tour Tempo, a new Certification I’ve achieved with SSC Golf, new information from FlightScope which has really changed the way I look at ball flight, and more…..

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