New Year’s Resolution #1

“I will always warm up with Tour Tempo before a round”

In the last couple of years I haven’t played a lot of golf.  There are many reasons including a 2 year old named Chloe.  However, in the last few months, I’ve been able to get out to the course to actually play golf.  I took my long drive warm up routine and tailored it to warming up for 9 holes instead of warming up for LD (more on the warm up routine in future blogs).  I use my PUTT tones while doing y and L drills with the Speedball and then real balls/clubs.  Then work my way up to full swings with the SWING tones.  I use the 18/9 and 21/7.  The results have been surprisingly good.  I’ve been off to the best starts I’ve ever had (more on the good starts also).  Mainly because my swing/mind/tempo/rhythm were all synced together.

Anyway, about 2 weeks ago we had snow and it finally melted.  I made my way to the practice tee to warm up.  It was “paths only”, so I could not drive right up to the range.  I went trudging thru the wet grass with all of my “power” tools, except I forgot my Tour Tempo Micro Player.  It was too far to go back to the cart and I was running out of daylight, oh well, I decided to go ahead and go thru my routine without it.  The warm up was ok (normally when I warm up with Tour Tempo I hit every shot very solid), not outstanding, but I figured I’d be fine.  I was not fine.  Because I didn’t set my tempo/rhythm for the day, I took the first 5 holes to find it.  I vowed right then and there and that when I go to the first tee, every part of my golf game must be warmed up properly including my tempo.  If it’s not, I’ll spend the first 3-5 holes trying to find it.  

I challenge you to resolve for the new year to make sure you are warmed up before every round and tempo must be a part of that warm up.  I’ll give you more resolutions over the coming week and ways to carry them out.

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