New Year’s Resolution #2

Link: New Year’s Resolution #2

“I will always warm up my body before a round of golf”

OK, so you now know that you MUST warm up with Tour Tempo, and as a Tour Tempo afficionado, you know HOW to do that.  The next resolution you need to make is warming up your body.  Done.  You’re in, great.  The question is HOW??

One of the great things I’ve learned from Long Drive is that NO ONE tries to hit a ball 400 yards without warming up.  Furthermore, all great athletes in other sports get completely warmed up before they compete.  The key to the warm up is the word dynamic.  Dynamic means full of energy and is characterized by vigorous activity.  So static stretching is OUT:

In the article they give an exercise called a scorpion.  Stay away from that one unless you’re a professional athlete in your early 20’s.  

Ok, let’s get dynamic. The best dynamic exercises for golf involve: rotation, golf posture, some emphasis on mechanics in motion, cross/crawl patterns & focusing your mind with balance & proprioception.  You need to get moving.  In the coming blogs, I’ll be giving you my routine, the tools I use and how you can do the same.  I guarantee you’ll feel better, play better and hit it farther with a proper warm up. 

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