New Year’s Resolution #3

“I will always warm up my swing/mechanics before a round of golf”

We’re going to warm up with tempo, warm up the body, now let’s warm up our mechanics and our swing.

You might be asking me, “when I hit balls, isn’t that what I’m doing?”. Well, yes and no. Yes you’re warming up your swing, but if your warm up is all slices, then your warming up the slice. So, no, you’re not warming up.

The way to warm up your swing is to go thru your standard warm up: body first, then your “standard” warm up. (I’m going to give you mine in a video blog coming soon). Once you’ve done that, you need notice what your tendency is that day.

For example, let’s say you’re doing your L drills and you notice the ball is leaking to the right. That means you’re not squaring up the clubface @ impact, so you need to ADD some “face squaring” drills to your warm up routine to help you THAT day.

NOW you are properly warming up your swing and mechanics. In this particular example, I might so some Lead arm only swings with the Speedball and/or some SplitStance swings. Then, I’ll go back to my standard routine and see if that made a difference. 90% of the time it will!

Now, I’ve got the FEEL for the day and my swing/mechanics are warmed up!

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