NY Times Article shatters more “TRUTH’s” of Golf

Link: NY Times Article shatters more “TRUTH’s” of Golf

Check the link above.  If you remember when I first started this blog, you’ll recall that I’m trying to tell you things that aren’t so obvious.  I’m always questioning the way we do things and the “why” we do things.  The concept of Tour Tempo defies what we’ve held as a golf “truth”: swing it LOW and SLOW.  

Well, we know the low and slow is long and wrong.  Well, get ready to have another bubble(s) bursted:  the short game is not all that important!  Longer hitters are straighter hitters!  Shots from 100 yards and in only really represent about 45% of the game.  

The implication here is that you need a better more powerful golf swing in order to shoot lower scores (that part might be fairly obvious)


This research makes so much intuitive sense to me.  What good is an “up and down” when you’re getting up and down for a triple bogey?

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