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John: On the Y and L swing drills as mentioned on your website and hopefully info will come with my Tour Tempo about them, but do you stop at the 9 o clock position during the backswing and pause for a second or two before beginning the downswing or do you simply take the club back to that position and then immediately begin the downswing.

Also, just curious what type of speeds you can reach with the Speed Guys NOS on the SSR? My training partner who just became a LDA member this week has a maximum speed thus far of 146MPH, just wanted to see how he compares.

You should only “pause” if you’re doing mirror work, which I suggest some mirror work or video so you have the feedback to know exactly how far back you take it.  For me personally, when I do what I think is an “L” drill, when I look in the mirror, I’m almost to parallel.  

So, you need that feedback. during real swings, no pause, let the SSC (stretch/shorten cycle) do it’s work I don’t use the NOS for speed, I use it for one arm warm up swings.

I can tell you that my guys can break into the 150’s on the SSR with their Speedball.  My personal high is 158 with an LDA length speedball.   hope that helps. 

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