Mike Carlson

I met Mike Carlson in the summer of 2008, he was interested in competing in Long drive and having me coach him along the way.  Normally, I tell people, I can teach you to hit farther, but long drive is a completely different ballgame.  Mike had what it takes for long drive and I predict big things for him in 2009. I interviewed “Mighty” Mike Carlson about his experience at the 2008 REMAX WLDC in Mesquite NV and also how he uses Tour Tempo and the Speedball:

Jr.: This was your first Worlds and really only your 4th LD Competition, what was it like on the tee the first time?

MMC: Overwhelming.  I was very nervous.  I forgot everything, and rushed thru it, just trying to kill it.

Jr.: How did you turn it around for RD 3?

MMC: Well, my wife yelled at me!  She asked me why I wasn’t grunting and also told me to try to remember what you (John Jr.) taught me.  The main thing you and I worked on before I left for Worlds was routine, so I put on my TT Micro Player and started going thru my routine, plus I remembered to grunt.

Jr.: Did it work?

MMC: Most definitely.  I was calm over the ball and just focused on routine.  I hit one of the longest balls of the morning @ 397 yds. to advance to Rd 4.  The Tour Tempo helped me with distractions and when I focus on “staying on time” with tour tempo, the results are great.

Jr.: In other words, if the readers out there want more distance, they should do Tour Tempo AND Grunt!?

MMC:  It works for me.  Most people aren’t trying to hit it 4 bills, so they can probably grunt to themselves. 

Jr.: What did you learn?

MMC: I don’t have to be the longest hitter, but I need to be the most mentally tough.  What I mean is that I need to be focused on every ball and go thru MY routine and do MY thing and not worry about anyone else.  If I can do that, I’m hopeful that I’ll do well next year.

Jr.: How was the venue?

MMC: It was phenomenal, they put about $20 million into it and it was world class.

Jr.: What is the goal for ’09?

MMC: Win worlds.  To do that I need to increase my ball speed a little bit (get up into the 210’s) and stay focused.

Jr.: One more question, how does the Speedball help you in general and as a warm up tool before competition?

MMC: The speedball helps me train when hitting balls is not an option.  Most importantly, I believe it helps me develop ball striking muscle, not just speed, but actually hitting through the ball type muscle so that no energy is lost through my joints and muscles as I make contact.  As a warm up, its great, it’s easy to start swinging softly while still being required to square up keeping warm up and training as close to a correct swing motion as possible. 

If you have any questions for me or Mike about his experience, send us an email or post a comment.  I think Mike can do it, he’s realized that the most important thing is that he has to do HIS thing and stay in HIS world.  Tour Tempo is the best product out there to help him do that.  In upcoming blogs, we’ll go over how Mike is training with me in the offseason and get you some great video of him hitting.

Mike’s Bio:

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 210
Age: 26
Driver: Alpha C830 Plasma, 5.5˚ Loft
Shaft: HOF XXX (White Shaft)
Highest Recorded Swing Speed: 149 mph 
Highest Recorded Ball Speed: 211 mph
Longest ball in competition: 397 yards (when Mike hits with no wind and “normal” roll, he regularly puts it out past 400)

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